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Try This on YOUR Tax Form…

irs form

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“We destroyed all evidence of our innocence.”,

josh-said no innocent person ever. #IRS 
Josh Earnst@NotJoshEarnest · Jun 20

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When Law-Abiding CITIZENS Are Disarmed

gun banViolating their BASIC rights as CITIZENS…

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How Conservatives Can Defeat the Media

The first thing our political leaders (looking right at you Romney) can do is figure out that this is a death struggle with a ruthless enemy. Not tidiliwinks.

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Eric Cantor is a giant PUSSY!

No wonder we are losing. 7 min vid. It is astounding to hear a man who’s spent YEARS operating in the highest levels of power WHINE about getting “viciously” attacked by Conservatives for being the sellout that he is.

Some brave souls keep booing relentlessly. I like it.

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Nations Also Die

Nations are born Stoic and die Epicurean. -Will Durant

Dana Milbank and the Washington TOOLS

Read the catty article below by this leg-humping Obama Scribe about the Benghazi hearings. Journalism is truly dead. Not one bit of intellectual curiousity present. The biggest issue about Benghazi to this moron is the fact that members of the GOP won’t let it go.

Four Americans slaughtered. Obama and Hildog strut out duncecap Susan Rice and blame it on a freaking Youtube video. Not really an issue to Dana Milbank. GOP Senator uses improper grammar at the hearings? Duly Reported.

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