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Vid of Democrats Covering for IRS at Hearing

The Largest Criminal Organization in the Country…The Democrat Party, seen here apologizing to the poor, persecuted, should-be locked-the-hell-up IRS heads.

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“We destroyed all evidence of our innocence.”,

josh-said no innocent person ever. #IRS 
Josh Earnst@NotJoshEarnest · Jun 20

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Eric Cantor is a giant PUSSY!

No wonder we are losing. 7 min vid. It is astounding to hear a man who’s spent YEARS operating in the highest levels of power WHINE about getting “viciously” attacked by Conservatives for being the sellout that he is.

Some brave souls keep booing relentlessly. I like it.

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Press Incest

incestDoing the White House!

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The Pantsuit Privilege of Hildog Clinton

What has this woman ACCOMPLISHED, ever? Other than marrying Bill Clinton?

We need to call her out. Ridicule is KEY.

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